Kristie's Excellent Adventures

I love hanging out with my friends just like you!  Here are some pictures of my friends.

If you would like me to include your picture, ask your parents to email it to me at: along with their permission, and I’ll add it to my collection.
Camden and Kristie

Camden Loves Reading

Here he is with his favorite book and ready for his next adventure.

kristie's excellent adventures

Aidan & Kristie


Here’s a picture of my best buddy Aidan reading “A Visit to the Fridge.” What an excellent adventure!

Mia and Kristie

Happy Birthday Mia! 


Love Kristie!

Nadia and Kristie Excellent Adventures

Nadia hanging out with Kristie


I’m looking forward to her next adventure!

Baby Annabelle and Kristie

Kiptyn, Hunter & Jadyn love Kristie


Kiptyn & Jadyn love when big brother Hunter reads Kristie’s Excellent Adventures to them.

Gabrielle Kristie excellent adventures

Gabrielle is Following Kristie


She can’t wait to see what happens.

Kristie the Hamster

Violet Loves Catching up with my Adventures


Clare Evie and Kristie

Clare Evie and Kristie


Clare and Evie, my friends from Minnesota, always go on Excellent Adventures with me.

Evie and Clare Kristie's Excellent Adventures

Hanging with the girls!

Evie and Clare just love Kristie!

kristie the hamster

Alex & Sophia


love reading Kristie before bed.