All About Kristie


Parents & Teacher love the “Kristie’s Excellent Adventure “series for several reasons:

  • Kristie is a very sweet likable character.
  • The easy-to-read rhyming format and brightly-colored images draw children into the story and keep their attention. 
  • Each of the books begins and ends with the same few pages, so children learn to read those pages more easily and develop confidence as readers. 
  • Children can relate to Kristie as she explores her surroundings just as children do when they first become mobile.  Thy see their own world through the eyes of this cute little hamster.
  • Each book ends with Kristie curling up peacefully in her bed dreaming of her next adventure, so these stories are great before nap time or bed time.
  • As the series continues, Kristie will meet new friends and develop social skills that children can emulate.
  • Finally, any parent or teacher who has had a pet can appreciate the antics they can get into.


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Kristie's excellent adventures
About the Author

Geri McNeely Schultz


Geri McNeely Schultz was inspired to write the Kristie’s Excellent Adventures children’s book series by the escapades of her 2 sons’ many pets, including Kristie the Hamster, Iff Niff the hedgehog, Zeus the ferret, and Sweetie the 5-foot African snake, who still hasn’t turned up after 5 years on the lam. “A Visit to the Fridge”, is the second book in the Kristie series following “Laundry Day”.


Geri has a Master’s Degree in Marketing Communications and lives in Palatine, Illinois. She is hard at work on the next book in the series “Kristie’s Excellent Adventures – The Big Bubble.”

Geri Schultz McNeely
About the Illustrator
Vince illustrator Kristie the hamster

Vince Bertolami


Vince is a artist who was looking for a place in the illustration field and found it with Kristie’s first adventure!  In addition to drawing the cutest hamster in the world, he also likes to design characters and bring them to life through the art of animation!


Vince has a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts & Animation and is a technical game artist.  He and his wife currently live in Algonquin, IL.