Hi Kids!  I’m Kristie, a curious little hamster who loves to sneak out of my cage and explore the world around me.  Based on a true story, and using colorful illustrations and rhyming text, my children’s books – Kristie’s Excellent Adventures – will take young readers on exciting journeys, where you’ll discover your own world all over again through the eyes of an adorable hamster – ME!  : )
And read about Geri & Vince, my friends who helped me write and illustrate my stories.
Kristie's Excellent Adventures



Kristie’s Excellent Adventures are written in an easy-to-read rhyming format, and each book begins and ends with the same few pages.  In this way, kids are able to learn to ready them more quickly and develop their reading confidence sooner.
Each book also ends with Kristie curling up and going off to dream about her next adventure, so it’s a great bedtime or nap time book for young children.
Kristie's Excellent Adventures